Friday, May 16, 2014

Market Day Series

Since its inception, I've felt pretty strongly in favor of Des Moines' own Market Day event. The "pop-up indie craft, vintage and thrift market" provides shoppers with access to some of Iowa's best handcrafted goods and, whether you've got money to buy art or not, it's always a good time. 

That's why, when I needed a creative project to do, I offered my video-making services to the proprietors of Market Day. They indulged my need to do my own making and we created a series of web videos designed to bring in new shoppers and give the uninitiated a better idea of just what exactly Market Day is.

This was another one-man-band project for me, meaning concept, writing, prep, shooting, editing and additional what-not were all hats I wore on this. The only hat I passed off was the composer hat. Tony Bohnenkamp at The Sonic Factory created the catchy tune for the first video in the series. The other two are scored with songs by Poison Control Center, also supporters of Market Day and generous song use permission givers. 

Make. Market. Love. (or Get Ready for Market Day) - Video 1

This Is Market Day - Video 2

Market Day on Vine - Video 3
A composition of Vine videos posted by Market Day attendees.

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