Wednesday, December 14, 2011

ReThink, Think RE/MAX Real Estate Concepts Recruiting Videos

In the Summer of 2011, Robb Spearman of RE/MAX Real Estate Concepts approached me because he wanted to create some short, targeted recruiting videos for use on the web. He had seen other web videos I had created and wanted to put my style, energy and voice to work for him.

With Robb's input, I concepted a series of five, 2-3 minute videos, each with a single message highlighting something great about being an agent with RE/MAX Real Estate Concepts.

The project is ongoing to keep the material fresh and the clicks coming. At this time, four of the videos in the series have been produced.

Here are the first four pieces of the ReThink, Think RE/MAX recruiting series. Written, directed, produced and edited by (and starring) Kathy Landin.

ReThink, Think RE/MAX - The Brand

ReThink, Think RE/MAX - More Training

ReThink, Think RE/MAX - Pay Your Fair Share

ReThink, Think RE/MAX - More Leads